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Friday, 21 June 2013


By Pratik Khandagle

The recent Madras High Court ruling that an unmarried couple of the right age indulging in “sexual gratification” could be termed as husband and wife is a shock.
This decision of the Madras High Court has shaken the concept of marriage. Marriage is a concept based on law and understanding and not on any public or personal opinion. So according to this decision any male of the age 21 years and above and any female of the age 18 years and above indulging in consensual sexual practice will automatically become husband and wife.Is this acceptable? This decision goes against the ethics and established traditions of our society.
In our country where marriage is considered to be union between two families this decision has certainly cornered this belief and has made it a mere joke. But if we look at the other side of this  decision,
the Madras High Court will surely in some way protect women from being forcibly persuaded into sexual practices on the false promise of marriage by some sick men.
On the other hand, this decision can prove to be a saviour of women who are in a live in relationship and the ones who are being exploited sexually. Also the orthodox nature of the Indian society can be curbed. So do you think this decision of the Madras high court is right or is it just an outrageous one???

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