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Sunday, 9 June 2013


By Vaibhav Bhosle

There’s nothing new with the Bollywood starlets succumbing to pressures in the glamour world. The pressure might be professional or personal but eventually it leads to an emotional outburst and the consequences can be as grave as losing one’s life. Even reasons such as unpaid loans or family tensions and mounting social pressures related to education are also the top culprits of self-slaughter.

But, in this blog I don’t want to stress on what makes people pull the trigger towards oneself but what if it’s a failed attempt towards suicide. One could land up behind the bars for one year or fined or both.   (Next time you think of committing suicide, let your plan be foolproof). 
            ‘Mental Healthcare Bill 2012’ states that a thorough investigation is supposed to be done whether the person attempting suicide suffers from any mental disorders. The person with no mental disorder will be  The Bill having being gained mixed views because it clearly defies the ‘Right to Live’ (section 309 Article 21 IPC). One cannot include the ‘Right to Die’ in the section. As the person who has committed suicide is beyond the reach of the law he cannot be prosecuted but, the person with failed suicide attempt needs to be treated and not prosecuted.
            A person with a failed suicide attempt needs more of a mental support rather than punishment or penalization. Imagine, a person attempting to end his life due to financial reasons made to pay fine. Doesn’t it sound too foolish?
           The suicide rate in India is increasing with a fast pace and is well above the world rate. It is the second leading cause for death in the country.  The Government needs to set up counseling sessions for the youths with regards to prevention of such acts. And even if a person attempts self-murder, he needs to be treated rather than prosecuted (increasing more number of court cases).
           Suicide being criminalized is archaic and exists only in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia. The government needs to look into this matter acutely and needs to humanize and decriminalize suicide.

Vaibhav Bhosle

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