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Monday, 10 June 2013


By Vaibhav Bhosle

Don’t be surprised, if one fine day you return home late at night and your wife looks at you with suspicion. She might also check if there’s any lipstick mark on your shirt. Thanks to the side effects of the daily soaps which have become a part of your life, directly or indirectly.

The television world might seem confined to the size of your T.V screen. But, you cannot deny the impact it is making on the households throughout the country. Even the long lost film actors regained their fan following via television reality shows (also recuperating their broken fortune).

Almost every television saga starts with social issues in the society. Before the launch of the series, they promote the show very tactfully by showing the protagonist striking back against eve-teasers or the leading lady dreaming to become an IPS officer. However, she eventually gets married to the eve-teaser and the aspiring IPS officer is shown rolling Rotis for her better-half. She is shown shedding tears most of the time because that is how the way it is supposed to be. The more she weeps, more the TRP’s. Daily soaps have also been the biggest promoters of plastic surgery (height, weight, voice, etc also changes with the plastic surgery).

Whatever s**t they possibly display, the Indian audiences devotedly watch the show and love it to the core. They not only love it, but also look at the protagonist as their idols. The audiences for the daily soaps are not only homemakers but surprisingly there has been rise even in the male audiences.

The characters shown in the serial are usual and day to day life type. So, it’s quite natural for the audiences to relate themselves with them. As the audiences start associating with the characters they start influencing in that way. I was startled to know that my friend’s petite sister was upset with him because he did not care for her the way some television character did for his sister.  I have even heard of incidences where housewives refuse to go in kitchen during their favorite daily soap.

The purpose of television is for entertainment and education. But, it’s not worthy to get social messages from the TV serial. It won’t be appropriate to blame the serial as they are TRP (Television Rating Point) driven and they telecast what the audiences demand. It’s not even an awful practice to watch daily soaps but the audiences must realize that the ‘Adarsh Beta’ or ‘Adarsh Bahu’ (Ideal Son or Ideal daughter-in-law) are entirely fictitious and they might not be behaving a bit that way in their personal life. Entertainment should be the prime purpose for watching Daily Soaps and not the right source to instigate our behavior from it.

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