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Thursday, 30 May 2013


By Vaibhav Bhosle

How often do we get to hear the news of gang-rapes, acid attacks, molestation and a dozen other atrocities committed on women? Maybe more than corruption cases emerging every month in this developing India; that too in a media dominated era. So, if media wasn’t as powerful as it is today, would we ever come to know about these heinous acts (recent Delhi rape case)?

The point here is not about comparison between the crimes against women and corruption or about the prevalence of media in our society. But, the crimes committed against women have become so common, that one day it will surpass the records of pick-pocketing and chain snatching cases.
So, do you people think that Indian men have becoming more and more insensitive towards women?

The fact is Indian society has always been insensitive and less bothered about women from long-time. Scriptures like Manusmriti serve as firm evidence to it. Indian social structure has always been biased against women.

After so many debates and discussions, a culture change seems an apt solution to this problem. But, it is never going to happen overnight. It might happen only in the case if all the men in this world cease to exist.

But, why wait till the men realize that woman is not just a substance to be used (abuse). Imagine, if the black folks would have kept on waiting till the awakening of the white folks’ morals. Practically, such situation never arises where the oppressor realizes his viciousness and suddenly becomes merciful. History tells us, that change doesn’t take place without a revolution.

The women should not expect men to respect them; instead they should make men to respect them. It’s the women who should rise against atrocities committed against them, in spite of waiting for a cultural change to happen. 

In India, still most of the women are dependent on men for their livelihood. Until, this scenario changes, men will continue to dominate and be insensitive towards women. The oppressor doesn’t wake up till, the oppressed begins a revolution. The revolution doesn’t need to be violent or aggressive, it can be serene.

Women should try to become independent and live on their own terms instead of succumbing to men’s needs. Only then there will be a cultural change leading to betterment in social status of women.  

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